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Why You Should Use Spray on Tanning Products

Why You Should Use Spray on Tanning Products

There is a multitude of benefits to using spray-on tanning products. The major benefit is you will be able to acquire a gorgeous bronze finish without the dangers of ultra-violet radiation. The protection of your skin from melanoma or skin cancer is reason enough to use a spray-on tan instead of other conventional methods. Even using a tanning bed does not fully protect you from harmful UVA or UVB radiation, as the bulbs in the tanning bed or booth emit the same dangerous rays.

Another benefit of spray tanning products is the instant gratification sunless tanning offers. Instead of waiting for days and enduring the pain of possible sunburn, within one to two hours, you will begin to notice your skin slowly darkening and ultimately achieving a beautiful finish within 24 hours. The chemical used in spray-on tanning is DHA, a safe, natural, and effective process to get a tan.

A tan, regardless of how you attain it, has the added benefit of giving your skin an additional layer of protection from the harmful effects of the sun. A tan will increase your skin's SPF (sun protection factor) by as much as 2 or 3. On the contrary, skin that does not have a tan has almost zero SPF, offering no protection at all. Fair-skinned persons would benefit the most from a spray-on tan, because their natural SPF is zero, and they are susceptible to sunburn much faster.

Convenience is an important and essential part of our busy lifestyles. We need to save time constantly when we have to accomplish so many tasks each day. Because of this, spray-on tanning is an ideal solution for you to obtain a beautiful tan. You can easily make an appointment to have a tanning specialist apply your tan at your home or office. Since the application process is usually less than 20 minutes, you can accomplish this on a lunch break during the workday.