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Why Every Survival Kit Should Have Paracord?

Why Every Survival Kit Should Have Paracord?

Paracord is a fast-drying, rot-resistant nylon cord with a breaking strength of 550 lbs. It is available in many colors and should be one of the first items you buy for personal survival gear.

It was first used as a parachute cord during World War II by the US military, whose troops still use it extensively in all situations.

An American soldier without a parachute delivery is unequipped! Likewise, anyone involved in any type of outdoor activity is advised to have paracord tools at all times, as it is invaluable and versatile in many emergencies.

Examples of emergencies where paracord would be useful:

  • If you break your leg, a paracord can be used to fasten the leg brace.

  • Thread can also be used to fix clothes, change shoelaces, and unzip.

Now you can buy paracord which is used to make bracelets, necklaces, key chains, watches, and other accessories. They have proven to be very popular with emergency response teams and other security guards for obvious reasons. They are also becoming increasingly popular among the general public, who may or may not be aware of their extreme flexibility.

It is now possible to buy glow-in-the-dark paracord, reflective paracord, and highly visible paracord that is reflective and glows in the dark. However, the breaking strength is 400 lbs instead of 550 lbs of standard 550 paracords. This is due to the different types of fibers they contain to shine and/or reflect. However, the benefits of reflection and lighting can outweigh the loss of performance in many outdoor situations.