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Why Boiler Cleaning Is So Important?

Why Boiler Cleaning Is So Important?

When winter comes with its frigid weather, it’s our boiler we depend upon to ensure that we are warm and comfy. This is the time of year when you need your outdoor heating furnace to function at their optimal level. However, they can fail at any time and usually during times when they are performing the best.

outdoor boiler

Boiler malfunctions that happen in the middle of winter months, can turn into an enormous nightmare. Here are some suggestions that can make your boiler run smoothly during the winter season:

  • Make sure your pipes are sealed and defrosted

In colder seasons, it’s a common problem we have to deal with when the condensate pipe outside is frozen and the boiler ceases functioning. The insulation of your pipes and keeping the water inside at a constant temperature is a good way to do it perfectly. But if you find your pipes already frozen you can just defrost them by using a hairdryer, space-heater, or simply by pouring lukewarm water into the pipes.

  • Fit a carbon monoxide alarm:

Carbon monoxide leaks can occur at any moment during the entire year. However, typically, during the winter months when furnace and boiler use is greater, the chance of CO emissions will also go up. The gas is poisonous and could be deadly for your health. Therefore, getting an alarm for carbon monoxide in your home, typically in areas of sleep is highly recommended to ensure your safety.

  • Cleanse your filters or changed:

A dirty filter could reduce the efficiency of your boiler by half so make sure that filters are clean.

  • Make sure your boiler is clean:

Be sure to check if that’s occurring before winter comes around. The power flushing of your heating system or the addition of an inhibitor is a good option to ensure it works properly.

  • Make sure your Boiler is maintained each year:

To make sure that your boiler operates to its full potential and is in good condition, it is recommended that you have your boiler maintained each year.

To ensure that your boiler is healthy particularly during the winter seasons, it is essential to have it checked by a gas safe registered engineer.