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When Do You Need Physical Therapy?

When Do You Need Physical Therapy?

If you have recently had a work-related injury, fall, exercise, accident, or have been hospitalized with heart disease, you may be wondering if and how physical therapy can help you. While many states require a doctor’s recommendation to see a licensed physical therapist, others do not, but this is a requirement of some insurance companies. Although your doctor may recommend a physical therapy center for your treatment, it is always important to remember that any physical therapist you see is always your choice. If you are resident in Maryland then you can also get the best spine and sports therapy via

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When do you need physiotherapy? To answer this question, it is first important to understand what physical therapists do. A physical therapist is a medical professional who specializes in muscle movements and exercises that improve posture, stability, and strengthen certain muscle groups to aid in recovery and healing, and to reduce the risk of accidental injury. Chiropractors are licensed to do physical therapy in many countries.

First aid you will always be your chiropractor or family doctor when deciding whether you really need physical therapy. If you have recently been treated for an accident or illness, they may recommend physical therapy to help you recover. Other people who have had the same type of injury multiple times, or find recovery is not progressing on its own, may also choose to see a physical therapist to encourage greater improvement.

People often seek the help of a physical therapist for back and knee injuries, shoulder and neck pain, sprains and strains, and hip fractures. In addition, physical therapy has been shown to be beneficial for pregnant women and those who have recently given birth or are recovering from surgery. Older people who are also recovering from a stroke are often referred to a physical therapist to regain use of certain muscle groups and restore function lost in many areas.

There are many types of physical therapists who can help people in almost any group. For patients with back injuries, hip fractures, and those with other types of fractures, an orthopedic physical therapist can assist with recovery, reduce the risk of injury to the same area, and also reduce healing time. This type of physical therapist also helps with various sports injuries.