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Want a Maintenance Free Garden? Follow This Guide

Want a Maintenance Free Garden? Follow This Guide

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Some people love spending time in their gardens and doing those little maintenance chores. Others take it as an extra job and wish to have an alternative so that they don’t need to do it. For the latter, a low-maintenance garden can help avoid the stress and effort they need to put in half-heartedly.

But what’s a low-maintenance garden? How to create one? The below points tell you how you can achieve such a thing.

  • Reducing the Grass: While turf looks great, it requires extra care particularly when you have to deal with weeds and moss. In summers, another challenge adds up wherein you need to use the lawn mover more often. To reduce the maintenance, you can invest in paving, pebbles, and other decorative items for your garden. This will reduce the grass area and hence fewer challenges that you need to take care of.
  • Use Pots a Lot: Pots add beauty to your garden. In addition, they also let you add a variety of plants while making it easier to take care of them. And you can move them to change the orientation and arrangement as and when you need. And while pots take care of several plants around, you further reduce the grass on the ground you should be worried about.
  • Choose Plants Wisely: Some plants require more care than others. You should pick the ones that self-sustain and grow well in the environment your garden gets regularly.

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