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Top Elearning Development Tools

Top Elearning Development Tools

E-learning has been proven to be a powerful method for sharing information, knowledge, and skills on a variety of subjects and topics. 

E-learning is important in many industries and fields because of its ease of use, flexibility, efficiency, and convenience. This technology is used by schools and universities to arrange online courses or classes.

There are a lot of best custom eLearning development tools that can be used for content development, course design, learning delivery, evaluation, and so on. 

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Here are some of the top tools used for online learning:

1. Facebook  

This social networking tool is the most popular one for the past year. People use it to keep in touch with friends and family through wall posts and messages. Learners use FB to share links and images that are relevant to their classroom lessons. 

Another way to apply it to online learning is by establishing a group that can serve as a classroom when learners and the instructors can converge to exchange information and knowledge through posts, messages, threads, and so on. 

2. iGoogle  

This useful application can be used to organize personal web links and other pertinent content. Its best feature is that it's simple. 

Users find it very easy to use without disregarding significance and relevance. It helps keep all important tools such as currency converters, news feeds, and language translators all on one convenient page.