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To Know About Proper Feminine Care

To Know About Proper Feminine Care

Feminine or intimate area care is very important for all women, especially since they reach the age of menstruation. For your menstrual days, you can buy cotton sanitary pads online.

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Proper hygiene for women protects young women and older women from the risk of infection, which can be accompanied by itching, redness, and irritation.

Treatment products that are commonly recommended by doctors for women include women's detergents, showers, women's towels, women's sprays, and  creams.

Products used for intimate area care are very different from those used for the body. This is mainly due to the difference in the pH of the intimate area compared to the skin.

This is very sensitive part of an female body. Using soap can upsets the pH balance , making it susceptible to infections and other diseases in the area.

And during menstruation, it is best to wash more often. And to avoid itching and odor, change your wipes at least every two to three hours.

Don't wait for your full pad to be changed as this will increase your exposure to infection and odor.

And if your period starts to decrease from the fourth to the sixth day, it's better to wear tight pants.

Avoid making your intimate area wet and dirty, especially after urinating and defecating.

Wet areas are particularly prone to infections such as candidiasis and fungal infections known as diseases involving yellowish discharge with a fishy odor.

It also creates itching in the intimate area. This is just one of the many possible infections that can occur in your intimate area if you are not hygienic.