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Tips for Picking Banquet Halls for Wedding Showers

Tips for Picking Banquet Halls for Wedding Showers

When selecting from banquet halls for a wedding shower, you may be thinking about size and location. Those are very important components to this plan. Yet, that is not all that you need to think about or plan for when you are in charge of this type of event. 

Often, the bridesmaids or the mother of the bride handles this type of arrangement. No matter who is throwing it, an elegant shower deserves the proper accommodations to ensure it is impressive and special. You can now look for the finest banquet room in Spokane via

How To Select The Right Banquet Hall

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Considerations for Size:- When you are planning for a wedding shower, be sure to consider banquet halls by size first. It is somewhat common to select a space that is too large, but that can dwarf the overall appeal of the location. Instead, look for a location that offers plenty of room for tables for guests.

Consider the Decor:- Showers are less formal, in most cases, than the wedding, but they are just as special. Look for a location that makes this experience memorable. You may want a location with an outdoor seating area for guests to lounge in. You may want a tea-party style event. 

Think About the Food:- Most of the time, showers will have a full menu, generally a lunch menu, to serve to guests. Discuss the need to have this catered. Most banquet halls will provide in-house catering services to you.

Be sure the menu selection options are ideal for the type of guests you are serving and that any food-related needs are taken care of in advance. You should have a taste testing to ensure the quality is where you want it to be, especially if this is the first time you are using the location.