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The Soul of Bollywood Dance

The Soul of Bollywood Dance

The majority of Indian dances are inspired by the work Natyashastra by the Sage Bharata Muni, who explains what is the Indian act. Acting or Natya is a broad concept that encompasses both drama and dance. It is believed that the Natya Shastra was written by the spiritual guru "Bharata Muni" who claims to have been directly influenced by GOD Brahma.

It is believed that the Natya Shastra is incredibly wide in its coverage. It's a collection of meticulously written guidelines for playwrights as well as actors. Bharata provides 15 different types of drama that range from one to 10 acts. He also lays the principles of makeup, stage design costumes, dance (various motions and gestures) as well as a theory of aesthetics (rasas and Bhavas) acting, directing, and music, each of which is described in each chapter. You can join a bollywood dance school in your area to learn more about the Indian dance styles and their history.

Though its main theme is drama, Natyashastra deals with dance also at considerable length. On one hand, it elaborates various gestures of hands, and on the other, classifies such gestures and movements as either graceful or vigorous; the former, defining the 'Lalita' form of dance – 'lasya'; and the latter, its vigorous form 'tandava'. Dance is classified under four categories and into four regional varieties.

The Bollywood dance is a jumble of all these gestures and movements, and as per the current trend. Hindi film dance steps are easy to learn. If you are a newbie then you can better take Bollywood dancing lessons classes from Hindi film dance choreographers or join any classical dance academy/school. It's easy for you to learn Bollywood dance steps if you are a born dancer with the blessing of almighty GOD.