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The Basics Of A Vape Pod System

The Basics Of A Vape Pod System

In the spectrum of vaping devices, vape pod systems fall somewhere in the middle between a simple e-cigarette and an advanced vape mod. For several vapers, getting into vaping comes with a super cheap and very simple vape pen. 

While budget-friendly, easy to use, and highly portable, pens usually don't have a lot of power or battery life. You can also look for the best selling pod systems in Canada through various online sources.

On the downside, some vapers choose to upgrade to the advanced box mod to take advantage of its performance potential and customization choices. However, while mods make it possible to ideally calibrate your vape, not everyone desires to deal with complex settings, different modes, coils, tanks, and more.

The vape pod system succeeds to achieve the best of both worlds: the power of a box mod and the simple portability of the vape pen. You enjoy a high-quality steam experience that is also very gentle and discreet.

Instead of the atomizer or tank that you would use with the box, you’ll be working with a pod-based system. As the name implies, the vape pod system uses a pod to store and evaporate the vape juice. On average, a vape pod holds around 2ml of liquid, though there are greater options. 

Outwardly, vape pod systems manage to be somewhat larger than e-cigarettes, but significantly smaller than most boxed modifications. Many vapers compare the appearance of a vape pod device to a USB device, although you may also find options that look like a box.