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Brief About Baby Talcum Powder And Ovarian

There are clear associations between long-term and regular use of talcum powder in the genital and ovarian cancer in women. The presence of asbestos, a known human carcinogen, is a reasonable explanation of how this product could lead to ovarian cancer.

A study compared the use and rates of kids talcum powder cancer  in more than one thousand women. The personal hygiene routine of approximately 600 women were compared with ovarian cancer and 700 healthy women. 

The study found that regular use of talcum powder in the genital can increase the risk of developing ovarian cancer by 44%. The risk of ovarian cancer in women who use talcum powder was significantly higher than for those who did not.

It was also important as a study of talc stated that talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer. The researchers found talc particles when examining tissue ovarian tumors. This indicates that talc particles can migrate from the external genital area all the way to the ovaries.

A recent study reported at the annual meeting of the Gynecologic society found mutations of specific genes in cancer cells of ovarian tumors that were caused by talc particles. The first impact occurred in the cells of the fallopian tubes. 

This important piece of information supports the idea that talc can trigger ovarian cancer because they already suspected ovarian cancer begins in the fallopian tubes.