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pediatric dentist

Kids Dentists Aren’t As Scary As You Think

Kids everywhere should know that they do not have to fear going to the dentist; routine inspection and cleaning is very important. And of course, many children get very nervous when it's time to go.

That is why your child should know exactly what to expect the first time they pay a dentist visit. So have your children read this article along with you. You can also consult a kid’s dentist through

A Dentist is a Doctor for Your Teeth

Do you know your doctor is specifically trained to care for your teeth? That's what the dentist is. All children should go to the dentist every six months to ensure their teeth come in straight and correctly.

The Big Dentist’s Chair

When you go to your dentist, you will sit in the big chair, the dentist will move up or down so he could be comfortable when cleaning and see your teeth. But you have to make sure you feel comfortable, too. If you do not, tell your dentist that you are not moving, trying to get comfortable, later on when the teeth are cleaned.

Cleaning your teeth.

Dentist, or dental hygienist (which is someone who has been trained to clean teeth), will clean up and maybe floss your teeth. It's easy and painless. First, it will scrape the plaque (the stuff that sticks to your teeth causing cavities) with a special scraping tool.

So he will use a special, small rotating toothbrush and clean the teeth with toothpaste (do not worry – it will taste great!). He might floss your teeth. Dental floss is a waxed string run between each tooth and removes something toothbrush cannot reach.