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kitchen remodel

Kitchen Remodel Ideas For Your Next Renovation

The most popular DIY upgrade people attempt to do to their house is a kitchen remodel. If you browse the internet and watch some YouTube videos you may be lured into the idea that a kitchen remodel is easy to do, but rest assured if you attempt to renovate your kitchen on your own you are in for a long and stressful ordeal. This article is not here to discourage your kitchen remodel ideas, but rather to fully educate you on the steps of the process you will need to complete along the way. A kitchen renovation will first require you to demolish the old kitchen cabinets and counter tops if you are going to replace them with now ones. Removing the old kitchen cabinets isn't difficult, but it will take a good amount of time and work.

The next step in the kitchen remodel will be to buy new kitchen cabinets and install them properly, which will require a good quality level and shims to get them straight. Make sure you use cabinet screws when installing new kitchen cabinets. After the kitchen cabinets are in you can have the counter tops installed by professionals. If you buy new kitchen counter tops, they will usually install them for you upon delivery. Then final step in a kitchen remodel is to put down the wood flooring, unless you choose to put tile on the floor. If you use tile, this should be put down prior to the cabinets. Never install wood floor under the kitchen cabinets because the weight of the cabinets and counter tops will prevent the wood from properly expanding and contracting, which can cause buckling of the floor boards. You can see more kitchen remodel ideas and how to properly approach a DIY kitchen in the YouTube video posted by TailHappyTV detailing the entire renovation process.