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Business Metrics To Grow Your Start-Up

But collecting, assessing, and using the perfect data can help us make smarter business decisions about our time, our finances, and our staff.

We have seen it with our successes. We will need to reach a point where we could handle our efforts – marketing channels, product characteristics, team hours as levers; once we push or pull one, we know what results to expect. To know about kpi metrics you can visit

We can not depend on luck this is going to be the only way to generate business growth systematic.

When you've got a business, you need customers. You want to obtain these customers and convince them to purchase your service or product. This is known as client acquisition and normally, it costs money. Advertising & Marketing prices are increasing day by day and investing in the incorrect marketing channel can badly affect the profit margins of your enterprise.

Let us say, you spent Rs. 50,000 on sales & marketing and got 10 new clients on board, so the average cost of acquisition will be Rs. 5,000. This is an overly simplified example. You should think about all the hidden costs like the salary of your sales staff, telephone bills, online bill, or any other cost that goes into making a purchase.

It's also possible that every client is paying different amounts for your service or product. Thus, use the term' average' to receive meaningful insights. In the above example, if the price of your merchandise is Rs. 3,000 and you're spending Rs. 5,000 to acquire new clients, you're making losses.

All About Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

The blockchain is particularly suited to the healthcare sector just because in this sector critical health data is stored and scattered across several systems making access to data a problem in crucial times. This is why present-day infrastructure prevailing in most healthcare facilities is considered utterly inept and inadequate.

This is where Blockchain with its distributed ledger system can play a hugely beneficial role in making crucial healthcare data easily accessible. If you are looking for more information about blockchain technology then you can browse

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Question is, what really looks promising about the Blockchain technology in the healthcare sector. We can ask, what are the key ways, Blockchain technology can benefit healthcare sector as a whole. While the vast majority of the healthcare sector remained largely unaware of the advantages of Blockchain technology in healthcare, here are the key benefits that one needs to consider.

Comprehensive and longitudinal patient records

Thanks to Blockchain the entire patient records can be stored in a comprehensive and easily accessible manner. A longitudinal patient record that can be stored which compiles all the different aspects of patient records including the episode, disease registries, lab results, medications and treatments. This easily accessible comprehensive record will help to deliver faster healthcare to the diseased.