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best yeast for dairy cows

Characteristics Of Bypass Fat For Dairy Cows

Normally, ration of crossbred cows and higher yielding buffaloes during early lactation is energy deficient. The animals are fed a restricted amount of cultivated fodder and vitality supplements. Because of this, animals lose body fat after calving at a quicker speed. 

Therefore, it's crucial to supplement the bypass fats , which may provide energy without affecting fiber digestion in the rumen. This ought to be possible if fat is supplemented in rumen safe type, which doesn't interfere with the fiber digestion in the rumen.

best bypass fat for dairy

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Fat supplements within this type are termed as bypass fat, which helps in enhancing milk production and reproduction efficiency. Qualities of bypass fat contain fatty acids linked with calcium ions, rather than a glycerol backbone. When calcium is related to fatty acids, then the fat supplement thus formed is rumen inert.

Bypass fat has reduced solubility in the rumen and is far significantly less vulnerable to biohydrogenation. Feeding bypass fat to early lactating animals increases fat and milk yield and assures early conception.

Advantages of ingesting bypass fat:-

• Ideal energy compact nutritional supplement for early lactating and innovative pregnant animals to Conquer negative energy balance.

• Enhances milk production and persistency of lactation.

• Decreases metabolic disorders like ketosis, acidosis & milk fever. 

• Increases productivity and the successful existence of animals.