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Stages Of A Criminal Cases

Stages Of A Criminal Cases

Criminal prosecution takes place through a sequence of steps beginning with the arrest and ending either prior to or following the trial. The criminal case is developed by following the steps:


The first stage of criminal cases is a person being detained by police in the event that:

1. An officer spots the criminal. You can also browse to know more about criminal cases.

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2. There is a reasonable suspicion that the crime was committed by the person who was responsible for it.

3. The officer is able to arrest the person who is in possession of an arrest warrant that is valid.


Following the arrest, police will then begin the booking procedure which means that the person is held in the custody of the police and his photographs and fingerprints are taken.


The suspect may be granted the release conditionally making payment for the bail. Bail release is contingent on the suspect's willingness to attend all court dates in the future.


An arraignment is the court's first hearing following the arrest. At the arraignment, the accusations of an accused person are read by the judge.

Plea Bargain

Because of the stress on the law enforcement system, a majority of criminal cases can be settled without trial, making use of a process known as plea bargaining.

You can also search online for the criminal cases in your city.