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Simple Modifications to Improve Diesel Car Performance

Simple Modifications to Improve Diesel Car Performance

Because diesel engines use compression ignition, the two main areas people usually look for in diesel tuning are the air injection and induction systems.

You can make the most of your machine by adding a tuning chip or external tuning box. Diesel engines are often available in different versions and are designed for different levels of fuel. You can also look for diesel tuning services for your vehicle in Australia by clicking at: 

Diesel Tuning in Australia – ECU Remapping for Diesel Engines

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Modern diesel tuning system – either external tuning of the diesel box or internal chip reassignment dynamically adjusts engine parameters to achieve better performance at all speeds.

As a bonus, because you have more power, you'll often find yourself using less fuel in general – unless you have a really heavy right foot.

Modern tuning boxes and tuning chips are much more complex and change their settings depending on machine requirements. This state of the art diesel tuning system is perhaps the biggest upgrade available to most people. Depending on the make and model, they promise up to 35% more performance.

The replacement of air filters provides more airflow and therefore more performance potential. Nearly all modern diesel engines allow for an automatic increase in airflow, leading to a small increase of a few percent. Even replacing your current filter with a new standard one will help as it will clog over time.