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Revolutionizing Social Media With Facebook Messenger Bots

Revolutionizing Social Media With Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook introduced the new functionality of Chat Bots in August of last year. As a brand new Facebook feature, it revolutionized the way companies marketed their businesses. When Facebook introduced the capability to promote your business through conversations, the entire social advertising platform changed. It also changed the way companies advertised their brands. One of the biggest advantages is that you don't have to be a trained actor or actress to get your message across to your customers. The Bot has an artificial intelligence system that can replicate the way humans talk.

Facebook Chatbot uses the bot vocabulary and personalize messages based on keywords. In this way, it can respond to different types of queries and comments from Facebook users. The Facebook Messenger Bot was initially used with the Marriott and Starwood Group as an assistance tool to assist hotel guests in their travel needs. This was a very exciting time for social marketers, particularly those who have been waiting for the next great opportunity to advertise to their clients. Now, any company that has an online presence can increase its traffic using Facebook Messenger Bot and other Facebook apps.

Another advantage of having a Facebook messenger bot is the customer service that is provided. This is because you do not have to write emails or support requests. Instead, the customer service agents of Facebook take care of everything. They can also troubleshoot bugs in the Facebook apps and can answer questions from Facebook users. This makes the entire process easier for both parties.

Facebook chat Bots are also helpful because of the integration potential. If Facebook user wants to buy a product from a specific brand, he just has to mention the brand and bot will show relevant information and links regarding that brand. This is unlike the traditional ways of marketing where businesses have to hire employees to send out direct messages to possible customers. This will cost a lot more money and more time. However, by using Facebook chat bots, businesses are able to save a lot of money and resources.

Facebook Messenger Bot has already received a lot of attention because of the ease and convenience it provides to the users. There are already many chat bots available in the market today; however, not all of them are compatible with Facebook. Facebook has therefore developed many different Facebook Messenger Bot types. Chat Bots available in Facebook stores are mainly focused on providing useful features such as chatting and group conversations. Other types of Facebook bot types have simpler yet higher impact functionality.

The first type is the Facebook Chat Bots for restaurants. These kinds of bot are usually customized according to what restaurant one wants to promote. Some of these Facebook Messenger Bot types are especially designed to provide useful information about whole foods, healthy recipes and so on. The moment a user installs a particular bot into his or her Facebook account, it automatically starts providing helpful information to users in terms of whole foods, recipes and so on.

Another bot is useful for customer service. In fact, Facebook Messenger Bot has already revolutionized the way people do customer service. Many users reported saving a lot of time, effort and money just by using this bot. Bot users are trained to handle customer inquiries, requests and concerns in a friendly manner. In addition, they are also given tips on how to provide better customer service to other Facebook users. Customers will also be able to find the nearest coffee shop, pastry shop or fast food restaurant using Facebook Chat Bots.

Apart from being used by Facebook's core group of Facebook users, Facebook Messenger Bot is also used by many businesses around the world. Facebook has now reached beyond the walls of Facebook itself. This means that anyone interested in having an effective and convenient social media platform for their business can use Facebook Messenger Bots for their own purposes. By using this bot, businesses are able to expand their customer base, create an online presence and have a personalised communication with their clients.