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Reasons Why You Should Become an EBook Author

Reasons Why You Should Become an EBook Author

In this article on eBook writing, I have provided some reasons you should consider becoming an eBook author. I personally have been through, along with a lot of our customers the amazing and life-changing advantages of writing an eBook. Before eBook writing, you have to look at some ebook stores for self-guidance. You can visit to find ebook stores online.

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For many authors, the advent of self-publishing and eBooks has opened up entirely new opportunities to profit from writing an eBook.

eBooks and self-publishing have enabled many authors who were previously turned down by major publishers to create their own eBooks for a small cost.

eBooks are more accessible than printed books for a variety of nations.

eBooks are digital files which means they will last forever and be available on bookshelves online indefinitely, unlike printed books sold in stores which are taken down after a brief period of time in case they don't sell.

eBooks can be sold to anyone with access to a device or computer connected via the Internet.

Authors can sell their eBooks at all hours of the day. Their online store is open for the day!

The authors of ebooks could earn a fortune fast if they create a bestseller eBook. Authors will receive their royalties much quicker than they receive from a publishing house.