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Raw Coconut Oil – The Truly Healthy Fat

Raw Coconut Oil – The Truly Healthy Fat

What is the most healthy fat to consume? It is a virgin Coconut oil! It is high in lauric acid which is an established antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal ingredient. The beneficial oil boosts your body's immunity while also tackling viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. 

It is important to note that trans fats should avoid at all times since they cause heart disease, blocked arteries, and diabetes. You can buy extra virgin Coconut oil from various online sites at reasonable prices.

raw coconut oil

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Raw Coconut oil is saturated fat! But wait for a second, it's the best for your heart! The rumor you've heard of saturated fat's link to modern-day illnesses and heart disease isn't the truth. Saturated fats comprise around 50% of the cell membranes, and play an important role in the body. 

Raw coconut oil can be described as a saturated fat which is of the medium-chain fatty acid type, it is beneficial for your health. Medium-chained acids can be absorbed directly to help in the production of energy and also contribute to well-being and immune health. 

They do not reside in cells of the body so they aren't being stored in fat. Raw Coconut oil can boost metabolism in the body and is a fantastic partner for weight loss. Research has proven that Raw coconut oil can benefit people suffering from HIV/AIDS, as it reduces the burden of HIV.