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Nigerian Foods, Tips and Cooking

Nigerian Foods, Tips and Cooking

Do you love to travel to beautiful places around the world? Are you a food blogger interested in African cuisine? Are you planning to visit Nigeria soon? This article details some delicious Nigerian dishes to try the next time you visit.

1. Shredded Sweet Potato and Melon Soup (Egusi): This delicacy is also well known among the people of southwest Yoruba. Ingredients for 2 servings are 1 sweet potato, 2 cups ground melon, fresh tomatoes, fresh pepper, 1 medium iced fish, palm oil, shallots, stock, 1 tsp salt, 1 small bunch of ugu leaves. You can easily buy the frozen ugu leaves 500g from an African online store. 

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2. Boiled Rice: Ofada is a small town in the southwest of the country. The inhabitants are known as rice farmers, which is why the rice grown is named after the town. This rice is brown in colour and is sold to all corners of the country. Ingredients: 2.5 cups of rice pellets, 5 cups of water, 1 tsp. vegetable oil (optional), 1 tsp. sole.

3. Afang soup eaten by Efikis/Ibibio people in Nigeria: This soup has a slightly bitter taste but is very nutritious and delicious.

The ingredients are smoked fish, beef or assorted meats, ground crab, periwinkle (optional), mace leaves (dried or fresh), water leaves (lamb lettuce or spinach alternative), and palm oil, broth cubes, fresh or ground pepper. ground dry pepper (to taste), and salt to taste.