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LastSwab: Cut Down On Plastic Use With A Reusable Cotton Swab

LastSwab: Cut Down On Plastic Use With A Reusable Cotton Swab

According to the study, 1.5 million single-use tampons are produced every day, and because they cannot be recycled, many end up in landfills or even in the ocean. Now we know you don't need to clean your ears with a tampon, but as an intruder who does it several times a week, we have to start thinking about Q tips.

For those looking to cut back on their plastic use or are tired of spending money on the tampon packs that always seem to be missing from the first aid kit, a recyclable ear daub is a great solution.

LastSwab: The World's First Reusable Cotton Swab Visual Atelier 8

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In terms of effectiveness, after two weeks of using LastSwab alone, we used a simple cotton swab to check how clean our ears were and the results were completely wax-free. Plus, my AirPods stayed pretty clean during that period, even if we wore them for most of the day which we think is another good testament to how well they work.

It has a textured edge that gives you soft strokes and is comfortable on the inner ear. However, like a regular tampon, all you have to do is stick it to the end of the ear canal.

Unlike disposable tampons, you need to clean them regularly, which can be done with soap and water or a disinfectant such as alcohol. As very comfortable people, we were worried that continuous cleaning would be uncomfortable. But since we mostly clean our ears when we get out of the shower and clean them right after.

Some reviewers suggest that removing water from your ears after a shower won't help because it's not as absorbent as cotton. However, according to the brand, consumers have found that wrapping the top in tissue or toilet paper produces the same effect.