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Know More About Digital Chest Drainage System

Know More About Digital Chest Drainage System

Chest drainage systems are usually composed of chest tubes and underwater-seal bottles. But this conventional system may restrict patients doing exercise and give clinicians obscure data about when to remove tubes because there is no objective indicator.

Recently developed digital chest drain systems may facilitate interpretation of the grade of air leak and make it easy for clinicians to decide when to remove chest tubes. In addition, with a combination of wireless internet devices, monitoring and managing drainage systems distant from the patient are possible.

These systems facilitate the patients to ambulate without being attached to wall suction and also make it easy for physicians to decide when to remove tubes objectively. Digital monitoring systems reduced hospital stays and medical expenses.

But with these advantages over traditional drainage systems, physicians still visit the patients to confirm the state of chest drainage systems. With a combination of wireless internet devices, monitoring of digital data, and controlling suction power are possible in real-time without seeing the patients.

The aim of this study is to apply the Wi-Fi-based drainage system to patients in the course of postoperative care after thoracic surgery and to compare the efficacy of this digital drainage system.

By delivering precise data monitoring and automated chest tube clearance in a digital system, this system is designed to improve clinical decision-making and patient safety.