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Know About Advanced Marijuana Rooting Methods

Know About Advanced Marijuana Rooting Methods

This only works if long, low branches grow on the ground. Make a small shallow hole a few inches in the soil, half the length of the branch from the main trunk.

Fold the branch down so deep that you can bury it in the center. Scrape the bottom outer part of the stem to bury it. Apply root powder or root gel to the wound.

Press an open paperclip or small piece of hard wire into the center of the branch on the ground to secure and cover it. In about two weeks, the industry will show new growth.

At this stage, you can cut the females and transfer them to your own container. You can also Click over here to know more about marijuana clones.

Care for new cuttings

In the next few weeks, your new plant will develop its own root system. Remove the propagation cover and inflate the plants daily to ensure adequate ventilation. It's a good idea to drill a few holes in the lid to help with this.

It is also important that these young plants are not watered. Roots need oxygen to grow. So, make sure it is dried properly. Feed the plants only water for the first few days, then feed them a very dilute nutrient mixture.

After about two weeks, when you see the plant's root system strengthening, the plant can be returned to a larger container and replaced in your growing system.

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