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Insurance For Logging And Wood Product Industries

Insurance For Logging And Wood Product Industries

Who can dispute the fact that the loggers and related businesses hold so much risk potential? Because this industry comprises activities where damages, injury and even death can occur, not many insurance companies are willing or experienced enough to write correlated policies. 

As such, only insurance companies like Lumber Insurance Services, those carriers that offer the specialized coverage are approachable for the industry.

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Logging Industry Insurance

Logging companies evolve around felling trees in the dense forests, transporting the logs to the saw mills, and everything in between. Related coverage can be acquired from the specialty companies that place a focus on the localities where logging is essential to the populace's economy and associated exposures. 

These professionals are in the know about the involved complexities of equipment risks as well as the vehicles used for transporting the timber. While liability is at the forefront, the workers compensation aspect is difficult to place and experienced hands-on management is necessary.

Loggers Broad Form Property Damage Liability Coverage

In essence, this type of loggers' coverage is a fire coverage insurance form. This insurance guards against risks of 'care, custody and control' in relation to loggers that do their work on land that they do not own or with trees belonging to someone other than themselves. 

The policy ensures recompense for the physical damage or destruction of tangible property of others. It also incorporates loss of use from an occurrence that directly is related to the work of the loggers and includes expenses from an incident that is directly associated to logging operations. 

The coverage also incorporates costs associated with firefighting efforts in a fire that was caused by anyone the logging company is responsible for by law.