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Innovative Pampas Grass Decor Ideas For A Wedding

Innovative Pampas Grass Decor Ideas For A Wedding

Wedding decor trends can be tricky due to the seasonal availability of the elements but Pampas Grass has been the prop that everyone seems to admire. They are absolutely a wow factor and up for grabs in all seasons, complementing almost all decor spaces when played around with, be it indoors or outdoors.

Pampas grass creates an earthy vibe for subtle decor as well as it can be taken to the next level by mixing garden roses and dry elements. You can also buy 'pampas grass dried' (also known as 'pampasgras gedroogd' in the Dutch language) online.

There are amazing ways to utilize these tall tufted grass, explore innovative pampas grass decor ideas for a wedding to get your ideal inspiration.

1. Unique Entrance Set Up With Pampas Grass

Create a lasting impression by setting up a unique entrance with Pampas Grass. You can have the walkway decorated with wheatish textures of the pampas grass, merged with artificial roses laid on the floor. Set them in an antique vase or tin vase if you wish to set up a statement entrance.

2. Pampas Clouds

Ditch the florals because the modish Pampas Grass is an easy and affordable catch. Have them bunched up into clouds or set them up around the bar and the seating area. It will add texture to the existing space with minimal decoration. The tones of this grass can easily blend with any given site.

3. Cascading Pampas Grass

Florists nowadays create extraordinary hangings exclusively for wedding events, therefore, you may customize a cascading Pampas grass in all your favorite flowers or other materials. Mandap, food tables or even the banquet hall, you can install them anywhere for a dramatic effect.