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Important Things to Think About Before the Hiring of A Tutor

Important Things to Think About Before the Hiring of A Tutor

Finding a tutor to hire should be handled in the same manner as making a hiring decision for any other type of professional. Be sure to ask questions, carefully at the references, and follow your intuition to determine if the tutor you choose is a good candidate for your student.  

Your student must be present during the initial IB tutoring program, so that you receive feedback from the student prior to making a decision about hiring. 

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Discuss the following . . . .

* Credentials Don't be hesitant to request evidence of your qualifications, i.e. transcripts and copies of state-issued teacher certificates, tutor certification and proof of additional specialized qualifications. Request the tutor to submit an entire resume.

* Letters of Recommendation Be sure the letters are focused on the ability of the person as a teacher and not just general interest. The letters must be up-to-date and contain the complete contact details for the person who is making the recommendation. Most importantly take the necessary calls to verify the recommendations.

* Fees Ask your tutor for a full price plan, i.e. how many sessions, and at the price per session. Make sure you understand the payment requirements as well as rules for missed appointments, and other charges for testing materials and testing.

* Location Where will the tutor meet with your student? at your home under supervision? In a public area like an library? in a learning center that is specifically designed for students? The tutor should not meet with students in a place in which there isn't an adult present.