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How To Get Australian PR With Investment?

How To Get Australian PR With Investment?

Australia is the most chosen destination for immigration for Indians which is apparent by the fact that thousands of communities are settled in Australia. The talented and young individuals often move to Australia for obtaining Permanent Residence of Australia. If you want to explore what is investment PR in Australia visit

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Basically, Australian Permanent Residents are those residents of Australia who are not citizens of Australia but hold the permanent visa of Australia. The person having the Permanent Resident visa enjoys many rights and privileges like other citizens of Australia which includes the access to subsidised or free legal and health services.

How to Easily Apply for Australian PR?

You have the option of following a stepwise procedure to apply for the Australia PR visa:

  • Once all the essential documents have been collected and the visa category has been decided, you have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to SkillSelect which is an online system which processes requests or EOIs received for Australian Visas.

  • After this, a definite point score will be allotted to your submitted profile which needs to be at least 60 points.

  • Now you have to wait for the response from the authorities. If your profile is selected, then you will be invited to apply for the desired visa.

  • At this stage, you have to collect all your key documents and then you have to attach them with your application form.

This is the stepwise procedure to apply for the Australia PR visa The application form has to be submitted to the immigration office within 60 days of invitation receipt.