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How the Immune System Relates to Endometriosis

How the Immune System Relates to Endometriosis

The immune system is one of the most commonly used terms when discussing endometriosis. Many doctors believe that the weakened immune system of endometriosis patients is the real reason they develop endometriosis.

Endometriosis suffers from conditions such as allergies, hay fever, food sensitivities, and skin sensitivities. Therefore, there is a clear association between endometriosis patients and decreased immune function. You can also learn about health supplements for endometriosis via online sources.

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Endometriosis is caused by retrograde cells that are in the uterus and other parts of the body. These cells grow and develop in what is known as endometriosis. However, women develop these retrograde cells and do not develop endometriosis.

It is generally believed that they have a stronger immune system which helps relieve developing endometriosis. High levels of toxins in the body, as well as high levels of sugar, can drastically impair immune system function. Hence, the clear evidence of a weakened immune system is mostly related to diet.

Toxins are found in many foods we eat. It has been found that dioxins, very powerful poisons, are directly linked to the causes of endometriosis. Dioxins occur in meat as well as fruits and vegetables.

It is found in pesticides and insecticides that are eaten by the animals we eat or on the skins of the fruits and vegetables we eat. This is a very dangerous poison and is found in our fat cells. These toxins put additional stress on our immune system and make it harder for the body to fight off diseases and allergies.