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Home Inspection – How It Benefits Buyers, Investors and Sellers

Home Inspection – How It Benefits Buyers, Investors and Sellers

It is important to understand that a home inspection can be very valuable to both the seller and buyer of the home. For obvious reasons, a home inspection is valuable to the buyer because the inspector will pinpoint any serious defects in the home as well as the overall condition of the home before purchasing the home.

First, let me explain what exactly is involved in a home inspection for those who are a little unclear.

A home inspection is an evaluation of a home's visible and accessible systems and components such as the plumbing system, electrical system, roof, etc. Most importantly, a home inspection can usually detect any structural problems with a home. Know more about the home inspection in San Antonio through sites like

Structural concerns include foundations, exterior wall systems, internal load-bearing walls, floor systems, and roofing systems. Problems with any of these items can result in substantial repair costs.

This inspection report can also be valuable to the seller. If a seller has a home inspection before listing the home, the seller must "heads-up" on any defects in their home. They may elect to fix some or all of the defects so that they do not become a problem for the new buyer before closing.

Home inspections are just as important for real estate investors (who become sellers) who buy homes in "as is" condition. Even though many investors can see most things that need repair, and know that the home needs fixing, they overlook some of the issues that need repair and include it in their cost estimate. 

In short, if you are buying a house, selling a home, or if you are investing in a home, a home inspection report by a licensed home inspection company will open your eyes to any defects. Which can become an issue when you leave. Selling or turning over the house. I think that a home inspection is well worth the small fee that is charged. Most states have adopted standards of practice from the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).