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Half Cases for Film and Digital Cameras

Half Cases for Film and Digital Cameras

You could either carry your camera in your bag, or you could use an "Eveready” case to protect it from scratches and dents. Eveready cases come in two parts. The bottom wraps around your camera, while the top wraps around it.

Generally, problems began when a photographer tried to take a photograph. As he attempted to compose a photograph, the top half of his camera would always fall off and get in his way. I was also one of those people who eventually removed the top half while out taking photos and then replaced it when home. In these situations, camera half cases is a good solution.

These half cases have been popular lately and are far more flexible than the two-piece Eveready cases. Half cases are also available in other colors than the black-and-brown options of years past.

Eveready cases come with integrated straps. This means that if you remove the case from the camera, it will go strapless. This may or may not be what you prefer, depending on your personal preference. Half cases are not like this. If your camera has a strap, it will stay in place no matter what you do to it.

Half cases for digital cameras make it easy to access the battery or memory card without taking the camera out. Half cases come with non-abrasive inner lined linings to protect your camera's finish. Many half cases can be used with tripods, while others have matching straps.