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Find The Best Reclaimed Oak Floorboards

Find The Best Reclaimed Oak Floorboards

Home designers can get exceptional value from reclaimed oak floorboards. This is true for aesthetic, financial and environmental reasons. It is no longer acceptable to simply throw away scrapped or salvaged timber in landfill. 

Instead, it has been identified as adding uniqueness, heritage, and value to any structure it finds its way into. You can also buy reclaimed Oak floorboards via Reclaimed World

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What are Reclaimed Oak Floorboards and How Do They Work?

A building or structure is usually demolished or pulled down if it has passed its use-by date. Many of these buildings can house some of the most beautiful and oldest timber samples known to man.

This timber is extremely rare due to its age and is sought-after for modern home designs that provide elegance, style and sophistication like none other in the world.

Professional timber reclaimers now go into these structures and buildings before they are gone and take the reclaimed timbers. These timbers can then be reprocessed into many products, including oak floorboards. 

These guys can make a good living while saving the environment and making a lot of money from the sale of antique oak floorboards.

Why would you use reclaimed oak floorboards?

There are many reasons to choose antique oak floorboards for your garden or home renovation.

They are economical

They are also environmentally friendly

Each piece is unique