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Does Facemask Protect You Against Swine Flu

Does Facemask Protect You Against Swine Flu

Canada has about 70,000 influenza cases per year, with between 4,000 and 8,000 fatalities. However, the number of swine flu cases is much lower. There have been 8,883 confirmed cases in Canada of H1N1 swine influenza and 36 deaths. (Ontario – 3,464 patients, 12 deaths.) 

You might wonder why WHO is so concerned about swine flu when so many people are dying each year from normal influenza. You can order now  the best face-covering shield if you are looking for a facemask that protects you from the swine flu.

Even though the statistics for common influenza seem very serious, it is only fatal to the elderly, weak, and very young children. The main reason WHO is so concerned about swine flu is that, unlike normal influenza, it is particularly dangerous for young and strong people.

WHO is also making sure the 1918 pandemic does not return. The WHO has recommended previously that face masks be used to limit the spread of dangerous influenza.

What is the mask for?

Influenza (or simply flu) is a lung disease. You can catch influenza by either touching your face with contaminated hands or aspirating it from someone who is ill. You may think that staying away from a sick person is the best way to stay safe.

 However, there’s a catch. One day before you feel any symptoms, you have already spread the virus to others. After the initial symptoms, you remain contagious for seven more days. Since you didn’t feel sick, you may have spread the virus to others at work, home, school, or anywhere else you went.