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Esperanza A Hope For Summer Blooms

Esperanza A Hope For Summer Blooms

The common title "Esperanza" (meaning "hope") is believed to indicate, that Tecoma stans are our greatest hope for blooms that stand out during the scorching summer heat.The long-blooming Esperanza is a multi-branched plant that can reach several feet in height.

The abundance of green leaves makes it a stunning landscaping plant, even in between blooms.Leaves measure several inches in length and are lance-shaped with serrated margins. You can also find esperanza tree through various online website to enhance the beauty of your home.

esperanza tree

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From April until the first cold snap, Esperanza is awash with trumpet-shaped, bright yellow flowers. The ones you have in your yard appear to have a few of their branches in bloom nearly every day from mid-summer to the end of fall. 

The color yellow is the typical one of Tecoma Stans flowers. Other names used for them include "yellow bells" and "yellow trumpet." However, the orange-colored variety has been cultivated for the nursery trade.

Esperanza is not tolerant of cold within. The bushes that you have in your yard are completely dead every winter, yet they produce new growth during the early spring. They grow slowly at first, but then begin to increase their foliage quickly as temperatures rise. 

Your flowers of yours peak in the latter part of summer and autumn. You are always looking for their bright yellow blooms. Esperanza is as strong as it is gorgeous.