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Different Types of Bed Frames

Different Types of Bed Frames

The bed frame is not only a mattress base but also a basic statement of the bed. Frames can come in different styles and sizes and can be reflected in almost any design of your choice.

Metal frames are the most common type of frame. It is used in traditional settings and has attachments for planks and ladders. Contemporary Scandinavian or mid-century style emperor size beds are very popular nowadays because of their classy look.

This style is available and can be purchased at any furniture store and retail store. Wheels are usually attached to the legs of the metal frame of the bed for easy transport. A box spring is required under the mattress to provide extra height and support.

The base frame is ideal for a contemporary-style bedroom. The mattress is held by a platform and does not require a spring. Most platform frames are made of wood or wood-like material.

Emperor wood frames are heavy. Planks and boards can also be used with this type. A thinner piece of wood is usually placed between the box spring bed and the bed frame to prevent the mattress from shifting.

Adjustable bed frames, such as those used in hospitals, allow sleepers to raise and lower the legs and head of the bed according to their own needs. This type of bed tends to be more expensive than other bed frames because an adjustable bed requires a special mattress.