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Cuba Luxury: Favorite Cigars From Cuba

Cuba Luxury: Favorite Cigars From Cuba

Cigars that originate from Cuba are synonymous with luxury. While those living in the USA have been denied the pleasure of smoking Cuban cigars, you can also find out what is required to make genuine Cuban cigar rollers with Cuba cigar factory trip.

As with many luxury items, such as wine, there's an appeal and a fascination with cigars that goes beyond the product even the product itself. Stories are plentiful and are also invented that could or might not be true.

Famously, cigars are associated with Winston Churchill. It's not often that he was photographed without a cigar. One time, however, the extremely skilled photographer Karsh captured a famous photo without the cigar he was famously known for. 

He had the chance to capture just one image while visiting Canada's Parliament in 1941. Karsh was adamant not to smoke Churchill smoking. The studio was ready. Karsh did not hesitate to offer the great man an ashtray. He then made the photo that many claims is the most replicated image around the globe. Perhaps the famous scowl was from.

Cigars don't just have stories that are named after them, they're named after stories too. Many of the well-known brands of today stem in part from employees of the factories, who choose one of them to read to them to ease the monotony of moving.