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Choose Led Luminaire Design

Choose Led Luminaire Design

Measuring the LED light source separately from the luminaire does not give accurate results, as multiple LED sets are often stacked together to provide sufficient light.

Due to thermal and electrical interactions, LED light output is not always additive. Motor with LED headlights with separate controls.

It should be noted that people did not consider the option of a remote phosphor or direct lighting with LEDs converted to phosphors. You can also contact custom luminaire manufacture at custom lighting design.

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Both are acceptable, although some mechanical structures may not have the depth and size for efficient mixing chambers required for long distance approaches.

Secondary optics are any optical system that is not part of the LED itself, e.g. Lens mounted on LED or diffuser.

The LED luminaire design must identify the critical (mandatory) properties of the application and understand how these properties are measured and compared.

The LEDs thrown into the luminaire housing and absorbed there cause a decrease in the overall efficiency of the luminaire, so designers should pay attention to LED selection and luminaire design.

The operating current plays an important role in determining the efficiency and life of the LED lamp. Introduction of the LED lighting field and various LED products in the lighting field, such as:

Alternative LED filament lamps, MR16, PAR lamps, fluorescent light sources and series lamps, decorative lamps, street lamps, spotlights, recessed lamps and lamps and so on.