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Cannabis Medical Usage Around the World

Cannabis Medical Usage Around the World

The different names are there for cannabis: like hasheesh, resin for the female plant, it is generally smoked in water pipes; bhang which is a dried plant blended into fruits, water, or candies; charas which is a resin smoked or consumed with spices; and ganja which is a dried top of the female plant.

Cannabis is being used widely throughout the world for medical purposes to treat various diseases. You can also know about interesting cannabis medical uses.

Science has given us a clearer knowledge of what's inside cannabis seeds and how we could use it to treat and cure disorders of the suffering. 


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Cannabis was used in the pharmacopeias of several nations, including the USA until its restriction in 1930. It comprises of over 60 types of cannabinoids, such as delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

Our body also uses and makes its cannabinoids, and is an eye-opener in medical science.  Marijuana is also a medicine that is more powerful than any prescribed medication in the world and research is demonstrating it is much safer. 

Approved varieties of cannabis seeds might be cultivated for its fiber (hemp). Cannabis sativa has a strong smell, changeable yearly with long taproot, has vertical branched stalks, and palmate leaves.