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Benefits Of Choosing The Onboarding Platform

Benefits Of Choosing The Onboarding Platform

Onboarding tools offer different benefits to developers depending on the context in which you use them.


The way people learn and engage has changed significantly. Instead of offering guides or videos, you can engage users to create customized forms. Interactive learning has been widely accepted over the years as a powerful and effective learning tool in the educational community.

Increase product intake

A good way for developers to stimulate product adoption is to clearly demonstrate why a product is valuable to consumers. A product tour can help by showing exactly how and why a product solves a user's problem. The sooner consumers get value from a product, the less likely they are to give up.

Performance data

A big plus with using Product Tours is that you can use them to collect user performance data. You can use advanced analytics to download information from interactive instructions and show where the user is no longer engaged or what is speeding up the user. Understanding this can help keep consumers engaged.

Make user interaction more effective

Creating superior tourism products means that customer loyalty can be cheaper and more efficient. It helps attract and retain consumers by highlighting valuable aspects of the product that are underutilized.

User activation

User activation is an important KPI that determines the health of your app or product. In short, user activation is the percentage of users who perform a specific task or stage in the product. These KPIs are often actions, meaning that the user becomes a dedicated customer.