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Basic Vehicle Maintenance Tips For Safety On The Road

Basic Vehicle Maintenance Tips For Safety On The Road

While practicing safe driving techniques is the key to road safety, proper care, and maintenance of your vehicle also play an important role in the safe movement to your destination. After all, proper care can mean the difference between returning to a safe home or resting in the middle of nowhere. 

Here are some basic car maintenance tips to keep you and your car safe and sound.

Check Oil:

This may seem obvious, but the importance of regular oil checks cannot be overstated. Checking and replacing frequently is perhaps the most important thing you can do to keep your car engine in good condition.

Benefits Of Regular Maintenance Explained by Superior Autobody

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Check Your Lights:

This is one of the easier maintenance tasks because you often find that someone, hopefully not a police officer, is telling you that one of your backlights is not working properly. A working head and tail light are very important to your safety. 

Check Your Tires:

Check tire pressure, but also frequent alignment. Buy a tire pressure gauge. Maintain tire pressure as recommended in your car owner's manual. Tire pressure affects many aspects of your car, including the amount of fuel used, how it drives, and how it works, and comfort and smoothness. Spin your tires after changing the oil. Rotating the tires properly will make your tires wear more evenly. Also, check your tread wear and get new tires if necessary.

Check Your Transmission Fluid:

Check the transmission fluid according to the recommendations in your vehicle manual. Recharge if necessary, but don't overcharge as overcharging can damage your transmission.