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All About Low-carbon Crude Oil Production

All About Low-carbon Crude Oil Production

Carbon capture technology in the oil and gas industry is the major challenge that industries are facing. As crude oil production is the biggest production in the world. Capture is the technology that uses photosynthesis to combat climate change. 

It is the process of capturing the CO2 emissions before they are released into the atmosphere. Then it is stored underground like concrete. If this technology produces more biomass to grow, or stores carbon instead of releasing it back into the atmosphere, then it will help in carbon removal. You can also get deep knowledge about low carbon crude oil production via to get more information.

Various companies are helping industries in low-carbon capture crude oil production. Dastur Energy is helping its clients in offering charting economically viable energy transition pathways in low-carbon crude oil production. 

 Their business-driven approach helps industries to cover the entire lifecycle of CO2- starting from CO2 source determination, CO2 capture, processing, and transportation and also covers injection of CO2 for EOR and subsequent recycling of CO2. 

They have developed the first carbon capture steel plant project in the United State. With the Department of Energy’s support and with Dastur’s expertise in the design of commercial-scale engineering systems for carbon capture, the first carbon- capture project can provide a competitive path for decarbonization of the US steel industry.