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All About Leading Safe Course

All About Leading Safe Course

Leading SAFe is the name of the training or class which one must attend to get the certification of SAFe Agilist. This is a two-day class intended to train Leaders, Executives and Managers who would be leading the SAFe implementation in the organization.

This is a two-day course designed to educate Executives, Managers and Leaders who will be in charge of the SAFe implementation within the company. You can find the best leading safe course via online.

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Participants will learn about mastering business agility to succeed in the highly competitive marketplace .They also acquire and practice the abilities needed to support and manage PI Planning events as well as coordinating several agile release trains.

Students in the class will learn why it's important to have a customer-centric approach and design-thinking approach to agile delivery of products. The students also gain an understanding of the importance of implementing the Lean Portfolio Management process within their organization. In the course, participants are prepared to pass the test and become certified SAFe(r) Agilist (SA).

.You'll leave with an understanding of how you can ensure that your entire company is aligned with the same goals and ways to enhance efficiency from strategy to execution. Learn about what makes organizations more customer-focused and how to conduct crucial SAFe alignment events, such as the PI planning.