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Adding the Right Accents to Your New Home

Adding the Right Accents to Your New Home

In the world of the suburbs and modern home building, most new homes appear more similar than they ever have before. Even different floor plans are made uniform using the same paint colors, flooring choices, and exteriors. Perhaps it's time to take your home and distinguish it from the neighbors. The easiest way to do so is to use unique accents throughout.

Meaningful Accents

Accent pieces are important to add any sense of style or customization to your house. If you are using the same sort of accents as your neighbors, even with different paint colors or in different rooms, you're missing out on a fabulous opportunity to add true customization and a bit of exotic flair to your home. You can also get the service of architectural building accents via

Hand-carved accessories such as custom moldings or stonework will set your home apart as one that contains authentic elements from around the world. Perhaps you haven't been able to travel as much as you'd like, but your home certainly doesn't need to reflect this. Find accents from stores or websites.

Advocate for Accents

If you prefer exotic wide plank Merbau hardwood flooring or you've found a beautiful pebble stone tile for the patio, don't hesitate to speak up. Most builders prefer to work with buyers slightly unaware of how much input they really have. Speak to your builder ahead of time to tell them you've already selected the flooring materials and preferably work together to arrange delivery and installation.