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A Quick Guide to Creating an Appealing Non-profit Brochure

A Quick Guide to Creating an Appealing Non-profit Brochure

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Non-profit companies don’t target higher sales and revenues but successful awareness and execution. That’s why professional brochures are the best marketing materials for such firms. While established organizations get such support from headquarters, small ones have to do things themselves. If you too are going to design and print a brochure for your firm, this guide can help.

Start with a Great Message: Since you yearn for creating awareness or delivering a specific message, generating a generic brochure isn’t something you need. The right way to frame an appealing message is to focus on benefits and be specific. A good brochure combines brief information targeted at the specific target group in an easy-to-understand design. Thus, instead of vague data, pick specifics that your consumers require or desire to know.

Get the Design Right: Next comes the appearance part. You can find a brochure designer, look for some self-design tips, or let the printer do it to suit the objective.

Brochure Design Tips: These tips might help you create a compelling design if you are doing that yourself or got an in-house designer:

  • Add Effective Visuals: Visuals are an essential part of the brochure design. Images like graphics and photos are the best method to create attractive content.
  • Use Correct Font: Select from a list of professional fonts to offer better readability and credibility.
  • Go for Minimalist Brochure Design: Minimalist means putting just 1 color in the background with some elements incorporated on top of it. This allows creating a simple brochure, delivering the company’s overview and message effectively.

Alternatively, you can check for pre-designed templates with printers in Capalaba to get the best one for your firm.