If you have high cholesterol, you are not alone. The good news is that you have the power to lower it with your diet and lifestyle choices.

What is cholesterol? Your blood cholesterol level is determined by the sum of how much cholesterol your body makes and how much you take in from food, minus how much your body uses up or excretes. High cholesterol can result from a problem in any of the variables in that equation—your body may produce more cholesterol than it needs due to a genetic predisposition, you may be getting too much from your diet, or you may not excrete cholesterol in your bile efficiently.

Dietary Strategy for Healthy Cholesterol Levels

If your cholesterol levels are not within normal ranges, diet and lifestyle can have a significant impact in achieving optimal levels.
There are four key strategies in managing your cholesterol level:

  • Reduced saturated fat intake.

  • Increase fiber intake.

  • Reduce intake of refined carbohydrates.

  • Exercise.

How these strategies are implemented will be different for everyone. If they don’t fit your lifestyle and food preferences, you will abandon your efforts before achieving the results you deserve. Schedule a consultation to get started on your path to better health.