Weight loss is so much more than simply eating less and exercising more.

Over the years I’ve seen many diets come and go, and the diet books continue to be published by the dozens.  Most of the diets restrict either calories, fat, or carbohydrates and may sabotage your metabolism and result in regained weight plus some.   That is why I created the Heal Your Metabolism program.  This 28-day program will cross-train your metabolism, to increase your burn rate to get rid of excess body fat and energize you to live life to the fullest.


I created the Heal Your Metabolism program based on current nutrition science and everything I’ve learned about metabolism from a functional medicine perspective and from working with people just like you.   Losing weight is so much more complicated than simply eating less and exercising more.  If you’ve followed diets in the past and feel like “nothing works”, please know that YOU didn’t fail on those diets, they failed you.  Weight loss is impacted by not only what you eat, but how you eat, your sleep, the type of exercise you do and when, and your stress level.  Most diet programs that restrict your foods and ignore other lifestyle factors are sure to fail.

How do you know if this program is for you?

If you aren’t currently at your ideal weight, your body is likely out of balance in one area or another and it’s negatively affecting how your body is using food.  Repeated dieting that is overly restrictive, eating nutrient-poor foods, sugar addiction, high stress, and lack of sleep all lead to the same result – unwanted belly fat!

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place:

·      You’ve tried multiple diets and keep regaining the weight you’ve lost.

·      Healthy food choices and exercise don’t result in any weight loss.

·      You’ve seen your weight continue to creep up over time.

·      You have low energy that prevents you from activity you enjoy.

·      You eat healthy but sugar cravings sabotage your weight loss efforts.

·      Losing weight is critical for your health.

·      You are frustrated with your current weight and ready to take action.

·      Weight loss strategies that used to work for you no longer do.

·      You’ve lost some weight but have been at a plateau for weeks or months

The purpose of this program is to heal your metabolism in order to break through weight loss plateaus and finally lose stubborn excess fat.  There is no calorie counting, restrictive bland meals, or starving yourself.  You will eat real food to stoke your metabolism for a full 28 days.  This program is different because it includes a rotation of targeted specific foods on specific days that will provide your body with the fuel it needs to shed excess weight.

Are you ready to say goodbye to restrictive diets that don’t work?

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