Bridget’s Story

Before you trust your diet and health with me, it’s important for you to understand why I’m so driven to share the power that healthy food will have on your life.

My family legacy in the health department is heart disease, cancer, and blood sugar irregularities.  At age 28, I experienced the first of what seemed to be my health destiny and fainted from low blood sugar in the middle of a business meeting.  After a battery of tests, the prescription: eat complex carbohydrates.     2014_MollyLandrethPhotography-R8240-web

Not knowing what this really meant, I read everything I could possibly find about health-promoting foods and learned from others in the natural health field.  After experiencing a dramatic improvement in my health (couch potato to marathon runner!), I knew I had no choice but to follow my heart and share what I’d learned with others.  Fast forward to completing a Masters in Nutrition from Bastyr University and obtaining the registered dietitian credential, and Full Life Nutrition took flight.  I’ve also completed training with the Institute of Functional Medicine and use a functional medicine approach to nutrition and health.

Cooking class in Tuscany – fresh pasta!